Veiled chameleon temp

Way too hot. You want it no hotter than 80-85 at basking. So if your probe is hooked to the branch below the heat your wanting it max 83 so that where he rises up is sitting at more like 85. Then the rest of the cage should be low 70's.

Depending on your distance from his casque to where your screen top is this is going to make a difference as well. If his casque is sitting close to the top screen you have to raise the fixtures up off the top of the cage or drop the branches down farther. You want a 9 inch distance between where the branch is and the bottom of a fixture and this would be using something like a 60 watt regular white incandescent bulb. No red bulbs and no bulbs that are considered a focused heat bulb.

If you want to post a pic of your cage and how the lighting is set up we can assist you further.
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