Veiled chameleon price drop...

I work at a Petco in Virginia. Store #2741.
I’ve been raising these two male babies since we got them and overprotectively watching over them. My store leaders have decided to drop them to 75% off. If anyone is in the area and wants one, please come by ASAP. I’m desperate to have these 2 go to actual GOOD homes.

They will be $14.99 each!


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Oh geez, that's absolutely horrifying! $15 is such a misleadingly small amount of money for how much effort and care goes into chameleon keeping (not to mention the countless other expenses involved). It's bad enough that petco sells chameleons period, let alone at a price like that which'll blow competitors' prices out of the water.

Now if only they would let you interview any prospective cham buyers to put their preparedness to the test... :p
I know?! It’s so stupid ;-; I just want these precious babs in a good home..if I’m the one who sells I’ll be filling their brain and referring them to here.
Thankfully Petco does allow you to reject some sales if it’s a bad home .


If I could afford a small cage(I’m saving up for my big boy) I’d be all over the one I bonded with.
Update!! Someone came in and bought the biggest of the two. He was quite knowledgeable and even said he had been researching for a year. He also mentioned his studies on this very forum! Hopes a blazing!


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That’s good news. What’s the user name here for the buyer? If you bring the other one home, I will try to help you find a good home for him. It the one left a male?
He didn’t say. Could just be a lurker? Either way he seemed well prepared!
I’d love to do that but I have no cage for him.

He’s a male. My personal favorite too.hes super sweet.


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Im glad your involved in helping them find homes .The Petco and PetSmart by my house only Mark them down when they have an issue. The female Jackson they have has a tag that says 30% off but does not say why. When you look at her you see she keeps one eye closed all the time. It makes me so sad.
Ah jeez no. At my Petco we spent a huge sum of cash to fix a mouse and ferrets. We take animals to the vet or Medicate via phone consult the moment they appear ill. I’m quite pleased with the animal lovers who work at my Petco. There’s only 2 who I can’t 100% trust with the animals but one of them is simply brand new to this world of animals so all I can do is do my best to teach them.

I’m going to try to find a temporary holding cage or something for him..we don’t have any Cham cages in stock that I saw. I can’t guarantee that I can grab him today but all I can do is try.
Here he is, this pic is about a few week old. I call him Alex, his brother was Andi


Good news! Alex got adopted by someone familiar with reptiles. I knew he’d go fast..I miss him already. I gave them this website and a care sheet. It’s their first Cham but they are quite eager to learn everything. I hope they do well.
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