Veiled chameleon lighting.


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Ok so how in the HECK are you guys hitting the proper temps with a 60 watt bulb!? I am in a 18x18x36 repti breeze and with a 75 watt my basking area is barely hitting 90!! any one with a similar set up care to chime in?
Lower your light or raise the basking spot. Either that or you have a dud light.

That will fix the low temps problem.

I have a 2x2x4' enclosure and have a 60 watt and it's completely fine
I have the same size cage, and i think i might be able to help.
Since i have moved a few times since I've had my cham I've experienced the same thing in my first place.
The first place i had i could never get the temp above 29 C (84 F) and i was using a 120w bulb. I'm pretty sure there was a good couple reasons why it was so hard to maintain a higher temperature and i hope this helps.

1. Hardwood floors (i have carpet now and i find the temperature doesn't vary as much as when i was in my last two places which did have hardwood floors)
2. Basement suite/ ground level (usually a lot cooler than 1 storey or more above ground)
3. Large rooms (i had my cham in my living room in my first place and it was pretty open concept its hard to regulate the temp in such a large room)
4. Windows (sunlight / cross drafts)

I do live in Canada so its obviously not super warm all year round and that absolutely could be a factor. I've never once changed the position of how far away the bulb was from the cage but I'm not saying that couldn't help your situation. Hope you can get a set up that works out perfectly for you!:D
No problem! I also thought of something else that may help. When it was quite cold i had a black sheet (which i also use for lights out time) to cover her cage with to keep the heat in. It did the trick quite nicely it just kind of a pain to have a pet that is so beautiful that you can't look at!:p
ive been wondering the same thing but i think it has to do with where you are located in NM now and we dont have central air which removes humidity..cant have a high humidity and a low temp...high humidity and warm temps go hand in hand but we have a swamp cooler which actually pumps is water cooled air.. i have a 16x16x30 inch reptibreeze and i have a 100 wat reptile basking bulb in an 8 inch dome sitting right on top of the cage, basking temp is about 85-90 depending on my room temp 5-7 inches down which is ok for my female veiled, i also got a shower liner from wal mart and cut a piece to fit around 2 sides (back and left side) i pulled it fairly tight and just used some gorilla tape to secure it to the cage so its a pretty tight seal. i still get good air movement but the air doesnt just blow straight out of the cage and i have a good bit of live foliage in it also, hibiscus, a dracanea, a mini umbrella and about 5 feet of a pothos vine so that also cuts down on the cross breeze just sucking all the warm air out and they help keep the humidity up..ive noticed in alot of posts that people humidity goes down at night..and im wondering why..if youve ever been anywhere in the gulf coast or the tropics where the humidity is stupid high....its way more humid at nigh and in the morning than it is during the from ouside New Orleans and man...the temp might be 85 but the humidity is at like 85-90..feels like its 95-100 degrees at night
I finally nailed it with a 65 watt bulb! idk what exactly it is (I threw the box away 8[) and I run 2 humidifiers in the room! one is a cool mist and you can swap it to warm mist during the winter and the other is just a basic cool air humidifier! with both on the room sits comfy at about 60 percent humidity! sense im in Washington I think ill need a 75 watt come December and probably only 1 humidifier lol but I think a veiled will love this little set up!
good deal.. hey noones setup is the same on here lol i tried a 75 bulb and couldnt get the temp up past 85 right under it...go figure lol gotta find what works right?
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