Veiled Chameleon getting tame.


My Veiled Chameleon, Barocco, is now a year old. I got him aged 2 months and he has never liked being handled or touched. The last Month he has been coming to the bottom of the cage once or twice a week. I somehow knew what he wanted. He loves me to stroke his casque and down to his nose. He has always been on a strict routine & wants to be petted in the afternoon. I am the only person that feeds him & cleans his cage. He knows me & I feel so very privileged to have this intelligent being living with me.


This is how I tamed my veiled chameleon, she is super chill and lets me get her out almost every time.

• Start by getting her used to eating out of a cup. I zip tied the cup to the side of her enclosure and she ate out of it for a long time.
• When she was comfortable enough, i tried to hold the cup and let her eat out of it with me holding it. She was very hesitant at first, but she took it as she got hungrier and hungrier.
• Once she did this with no problem at all, I tried holding the cup near the crease of my elbow and fore-arm, and she crawled right out onto my arm in order to be able to reach the worm!

She eventually started coming to the front of the cage on days she wanted food and I would just feed her from my hand and even sometimes she would just come onto my hand looking for food even when I had none.

From this point on, after 8 long months of this process, she lets me handle her with hardly any stress on either of us. I just get her out once or twice a week for like 10 minutes.


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Great job! This is actually more about you being a patient trainer than her. If you put her in a tree outside she probably would not come back. They are sneaky that way. I do this with the wild anoles and swifts in the yard. They will climb on my arm to get a cricket or superworm but that's all the affection I get (their tolerance of me). Good Job! Just don't leave them outside. :D (y) :D
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