Veiled Chameleon eye problems?


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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Veiled, female, not exactly sure of the age, I believe she is somewhere around 13 months old. I have had her for about 11 months.
Handling - I handle her usually a couple times a week. She has been very friendly ever since I bought her and never shows any signs of stress when she is handled. She will even fall asleep on me if I pet her. I am always sure to wash my hands before and after.
Feeding - I feed her about 9 crickets every other day. Sometimes I will give her mealworms and greens. I gutload the crickets with greens and a gutload called total bites.
Supplements - I dust with rep cal calcuim without d3 every feeding, and use zoo med reptivite with d3 twice a month.
Watering -I spray her cage at least 4 times a day, enough to get water dripping of off her leaves. I see her drink all the time. When I feel like she hasn't had enough to drink, I take her to the shower and give her a mist shower, where she always drinks plenty of water.
Fecal Description - She has not been tested for parasites, but I bought her from a breeder when she was a baby. Her feces are brow with a slightly yellow white part on the end.
History - I have had her for almost a year. She has never had any problems. I take her cage outside and let her get natural sunlight anytime the weather permits. I've used the same type of set up for her since I bought her and have never seen her have any problems.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - small reptibreeze (upgrading to a large soon)
Lighting - I use a 18 inch 5.0 reptiglo and a regular lightbulb for heat. Lights are on for 12 hours, off for 12 hours.
Temperature - Her cage temperatures range from 74/75 at the bottom of the cage and about 83 in her basking spot. The lowest overnight temperature is 72 or 73. I use a temperature gun.
Humidity - I don't knoe specific humidity levels, but she gets sprayed every few hours and there's never any air blowing directly on her or her cage.
Plants - All of her plants are fake. I had a pothos in her cage about 5 months ago, but I was concerned when she wouldnt stop eating the leaves, so I took it out.
Placement - The cage is in my bedroom on a table. There is almost no traffic in my bedroom. There are never any chemicals sprayed near her and she is away from all air vents. The top of the cage is about 5 feet off of the ground.
Location - South Texas, near the coast.

Current Problem - About 10 days ago, I noticed Princess was rubbing her eye on a branch in her cage. I didn't think anything of it, ocasionally she will get something in her eye and I will catch her rubbing it and give her the reptile eye drops that I have and she will be perfectly fine soon after. (It's happened maybe 3 times before) So I gave her the eye drops. The next day I caught her rubbing again and gave her the eye drops one more time. 3 days ago, I turned on her lgihts and she had a weird, jelly-like film covering her eye. I put a warm rag on the eye and the gel came off. I decided not to use the eye drops, just in case they were causing the problems. She still moved her eye to follow me once the film was off and her eye looked normal. I gave her a mist shower that night hoping the humidity would help. The same thing happened the next day, and I did the same thing. Today I came home and she had one eye closed and it was covered in the gel once again. I got the gel off and about 7 hours later it was already back. Aside from the jelly eye, she is acting completely normal and healthy, she is eating and drinking and crawling around. She doesn't even hiss or fidget when I clean her eyes. I just want to know if anybody knows what this is and how to stop it. I don't want it to turn into something bad.



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that looks like an eye infection to me. The gel is probably puss, so I would assume that if it is indeed an infection then it is most likely bacterial. Your care seems to be spot on, the only things being that you are not monitoring the humidity levels and might actually be misting too much. You say you mist at least 4 times a day - does her enclosure have time to dry out completely in between these mistings? Too high humidity combined with poor ventilation is an open invitation to mold and bacterial growth (I am not saying that that's the case here - just pointing out a possibility).

I would advise a vet visit to be sure. The thing is that even though she is acting fine on the outside, infection might be spreading inside and you might not be able to see other symptoms until it's too late.

Now, this is all my take on it, I am not 100% sure, so lets wait and see what others have to say.



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I had a similar problem with my Panther, first thing was a trip to the vet and infection was ruled out. Was like conjunctivitis, vet suggested using a Q-tip soaked in saline to remove the film and clean the eye with saline, next was to dab a feeder with fish oil and hand feed one every ten days. I have had no issues since.
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