Veiled chameleon enclosure DIY


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Hey everyone, so i'm completely new here.
So i'm getting veiled chameleon within a month or so as a present. I started reading up on how to care and all, and before i did that i figured i would get a glass tank for it, but i realized it screened cage is better.

Anyway, i decided to make my own cage, since its more challenging and more fun that way. I basically have idea on how and what i want but i had couple questions before i start doing it monday.

Now my main concern is or size is good enough for veiled chameleon 18x18x36, i mean i know its gonna be good enough for young chameleon but wasn't sure if its good enough for adult.

Second i kinda decided to make wooden frames and do wire mesh sides and back, but i wanted glass door. Since im not sure or chameleon gonna get stressed out over just glass door i kinda wanted an opinion. (decided on glass cuz i actually want to see him).

Also not really sure what to do with door or bottom of cage, cuz i will have mister and wasn't sure or it would be good to use wire mesh for bottom of the cage or use glass with a cut out for drainage. And also wasn't really sure how to do doors, don't have drill to drill holes for hinges, and not sure or home depot actually would drill them in store.

Thanks in advance for help
Thank you, also is it gonna be too big for young one or it should be fine if its 2x2x4 right of the start ?
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