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Baby laid her first clutch of eggs on June 10th. I was sooooo happy that she was satisfied with her laying bin. 39 little jelly bean eggs which of course were infertile.

Could you guys link me or tell me the general cycle of receptiveness and second laying cycle. I'm curious perhaps when she might want to mate or get ready for her second laying. I'm sure there's a link here so I'd love to get connected with that or even if you guys could tell me from experience cycles of breeding and or egg laying.

She is just around a year old now and laid first clutch at about 10 months old, about 6 weeks ago. Yes, yes...math is off...I rescued her and it's hard to say her age at that time, if she was just malnourished or what her real age was. I rescued her 9 months ago...


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If she's left to just lay infertile eggs it will likely be 120 ish days from the last clutch. If mated it will likely be about 30 days from the mating. Nothing is written in stone...where she is in the cycle at the time of mating, whether or not when sees the male, etc can change the time frame.


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Oh sh*t....120 days seems to often, thin, ha ha duh, that's like 4 months. Shes acting like a real real ***** right now damn. PMS for a month....she's always been a 'hisser' but she wont settle in my hand and keeps mouth open....hmmmm, need to handle her more?


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I keep my girl on a low temp low food intake diet and she lays eggs every 5.5 months so far. She didn't lay until she was about a year old and has laid 2 clutches.

I can tell when she is receptive as her colours go very bright and remain bright until a month after the eggs are laid. it's tricky to know the exact dates cycle wise but we had eggs laid on the 6th december and the 2nd clutch was laid on the 7th-8th may so almost exactly 5 months apart.

I usually notice a change in her approx. 8 weeks before the eggs get laid and a huge change in her weight about 3 weeks before the eggs are laid. If you read the link in my signature you will see our first experience :)
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