Veiled Chameleon Difficulty


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Is it true that veileds are hard to take care of? Is it true that the majority of chameleons are prone to illness or disease like MBD?
Actually vieleds are suposed to be one of the easy ones to take care of. I have two vields and they are both doing very well.(male and female) I dont know if you have done much research or not but acording to one of me books about chameleons says... mbd is caused by an imbalance of phosphorous,calcium and/or Vitamin D3. I hope thos reply is helpful to you and if you have nother question about common diseases in chameleons just ask.:D:D:D:D:D
LOL!! I have done it too w/o looking at the date, post my answer to a
question that was asked 4 years ago, then feel really stupid :rolleyes:

So it's not just newbies :)

It's too easy to do if your not paying attention.
This forum has a layout that I have never seen before.
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