veiled chameleon cage/tiki bar


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Hello everyone im going to make a veiled chameleon cage/tiki bar out of pvc and side is going to detacable so that he can come in dureing the winter with out needing a 2 cage.I want to make the two sides connectable. would a cham be most likely to cross across the top or bottom?
I'm not sure I understand your idea, but here's a cautionary note...if any part of this structure is outdoors MAKE SURE there is some sort of screen or mesh to confine your cham to it. They can and will climb down to the ground to reach a tree in your yard as well as climb the top of a structure to try reaching it. Never turn your back on a cham that is loose outdoors! They are sneaky and much faster than you realize, and once gone can be very hard to locate again.
They will go wherever they see an escape. They are very sneaky and very fast when they want to be. Just make sure you have every inch covered if they are going to be outside by themselves. :)
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