Veiled chameleon age?


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Yay!! I’m so glad he’s eating! About the supplement, I can’t answer that cause I don’t know so someone else will have to answer that.


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Update: he finally ate! He is devouring the fruit flys! I'm going to give him 3 bowls of the stuff. So probably roughly like 60. I would give more but I need to keep some in the jar so they reproduce. He seemed hungry! He looks nice and content now though :) also, when dusting with vitamins or calcium D3, do I use it every feeding in one day? Or use it for the first feeding, then every one after that just do regular calcium without D3?
Ok so supplements. It is going to be a per day schedule. So Calcium without D3 six days a week and then rotate your calcium with D3 and multivitamin week to week on the 7th day. If your doing multiple feedings in that day you will stay with the supplement for that day. Lightly dusting everything. No powdered donuts. When do you get your tiny crickets? Those will be a bit easier to dust.
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