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Hello everyone,

First off: I’m from the Netherlands, therefore I might be using the wrong terms for certain things!

Since the beginning of this moth we have a veiled chameleon, she (I’m pretty sure she is a she, I checked her feet for it) is about 1 year old and we took her from someone who didn’t take care of her (no basking light or uv light, small cage). Even though this is our first chameleon we are trying our best to give her everything she needs by following the caresheets we find online.

She eats crickets, small locusts and some greens (mostly andive these days, she’s really into it) all dusted with the proper things and gutloaded. She moves around in her cage and is very friendly (when we got her she didn’t want to be handled but now whenever I open her cage she comes out, I only let her out for a couple of minutes since my livingroom isn’t the right temperature/humidity for her).

Now for the problem, today I noticed bumps on her belly. She hasn’t pooped yesterday or today and I’m a bit worried now. She usually poops about every day but I’m not sure if I should worry or not. I don’t know if she has eggs or that she is impacted and there is literally no specialised vet in my area (I’ve had contact with one before when I had problems with my bearded dragon and he just said “sorry you have to solve it yourself”...)

I will attach some photo’s, I hope someone is able to tell me what she has. Also: sorry for the long story, I tried to be as complete as I could in describing the situation

Thanks in


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It looks like she has eggs. They can produce infertile clutches of eggs like chickens. You will need a laying bin ASAP if you don’t have one yet. She will need privacy to lay her eggs. If she sees you she may abandoned her hole and become egg bound.

How big and full should the laying bin be? Does it need to be moist?

What is normal behaviour for a female when she has eggs? With my beardie I could tell by certain signs
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