veiled cham laying question


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So my veiled is finally getting ready to lay! She dug her first hole Monday night, has been in and out of her bin all day still no eggs, my question is she has only dug one hole (Monday) today has just been in and out not really digging that much, do I need to even out the lay bin and pat it down again or will this disturb her process?


I would not disturb the work your veiled has already done since it takes quite a bit of energy to dig the hole in the first place. When my Graceful chameleon laid eggs she had dug to the bottom of the bucket deposited her eggs and then covered them completely. If you fill in the hole she is preparing to back into to lay the eggs she will just have to dig it again. She needs to save this energy for when she lays the eggs. I would also make sure you or no one else is disturbing her during this period. I have heard in some cases it may disrupt the whole process. My Graceful started digging in the plants and that was my cue to put her in the prepared bucket around 4:00pm in the afternoon. The next morning she had finished the whole process. I would recommend having water and calcium coated food for her to eat when she is done.

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