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I'm new to chameleon raising and I've had my female veiled chameleon for abot three weeks now but what she does is weird... She'll go in the corner of the cage and start digging she's been doing this for about a week and whenever she sees me she stops and leaves the hole. Does anyone have a theory as to why she's doing this? Does it mean something is there something I should do or is it just nothing? Please post back
how old is she? you should put a laying bin in for her. she is probably ready to lay eggs. i cant remember who on here has a good write up on this.
How old is she? If she's sexually mature and producing eggs and your watching her is making her abandon the hole, you could end up with an eggbound chameleon.

Please fill out the questionaire in the "how to ask for help" sticky at the top of the Health section so we can help you better.
well honestly i have no clue the dealer(petsmart) didnt know i always figured shes young because she just shed and is only 2 inches from nose to base of her tail
would she dig because theres a heat wire running through the dirt and so the soil would be warmer and its moist?
by the sound of it shes about 3 months old and much too young to lay substrate/soil can cause impaction which can kill a cham. i would remove all substrate cover the soil with river stones when shes ready to lay in like 4-5 months some start sooner you can put a bin in there with moist play sand to dig in hope this helps:D
She does sound too small but to be on the safe side, post a picture of her so everyone can look at her and determine if she is gravid, meaning carrying eggs.
Thanks for the help I'll get on the picture Do chams have personality? I read they don't have the brain to like stuff but do they have preferences? Maybe she just enjoys digging?
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