Veiled acting weird 4month old


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My 4 month old veiled was fine this morning. I put food in bowl and he charges down fast like normal. So i get bacj home today and now hes very reclusive. Took him so long to get interested in the food. Also normal when i go to handle him he hisses and opens his mouth but now hes very shy and not hiasing at all. His temps and all that are fine im thinking it may be due to ingesting to much of his pothos plant which i now removed. He normaly eats between 10-20 cricketa a day in 2 meals depensing on size of crickets. His colors are still fine very vibrant and nice. Hes just acting very reclusive and shy. Not his typical fiesty self. Any thoughts?
Welcome to the Chameleon Forums. This is a great place to learn about chameleons. If you will fill put the Ask For Help form linked below the members here will make sure you have everthing correct for your Cham. Also if you post some pictures they are very helpful also. It's possible it's just a shed as mentioned above but then again it could be something more serious.
He shed about a month ago and sheds roughly every 1-1.5 months. His enclosure is great and temps are good. around 85 in basking and bottom of tank around 68-70
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