Veggies and Fruits


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Is there a list of veggies and fruits that are safe for chams? I have tried looking on the internet, but haven't been able to find anything. I ask cause I have a bearded dragon and know that certain things aren't safe to feed to them. was wondering if chams are the same.

I currently have a parsley plant, a begonia plant, and baby's tears in her cage for her to nibble on. and I also give her hibiscus flowers when I can get my hands on some that I know are chemical free. And she gets mealworms, crickets, and waxworms.
dandelions, collards, kale, endive, escarole, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, sweet red peppers, zucchini, pears, apple, melon, strawberries

There are more than what I listed as well, treat the fruit like a dessert - small amounts.

Just be sure to cut them to proper size before you feed.

For insect feeders you ought to try hornworms and silk worms, even my pick veiled runs to the front of his cage for these worms.
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