Vailed having eye issues please help !!


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Hello I am new to your forum and came looking for your help. I have read most of the previous threads on eye issues and have taken the advise of misting more, raising her temp, and even putting her in the shower for a bit. But nothing has helped. I live in a rural area outside of Tulsa and the nearest exotic vet is about an hour away so I am trying to exhaust all avenues before taking Pascal to the vet. Her eyes have been closed going on 2 days now it started with the right and now the left is almost completely closed, she is not eating bc she cant see ! I have gotten her to drink and I am going to try to give her clear Pedi lite this evening. Nothing has changed in her habitat. We have the squiggly UVB bulb and I read that those can cause eye problems from being to bright, but its the same bulb we have had in her habitat for about a year now. She has a basking red lamp as well. She is feed crickets and superworms (on occasion). The temperature in the habitat is between 80-90 and the humidity is 70 right now. I mist her 3-4 times a day for at least 5 min if not more and I have a drip that is constant. She is in a big Exo-Terra terrarium. I am just worried something severe is wrong any help would be much appreciated. Hopefully I have given enough info.
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How do I post the picture ???

I was trying to post a picture to show you how her eyes look but I cant figure out how !:confused:
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