UVB light Placement suggestion thread?


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I hope that I am not missing this somewhere...but I was wondering since it is a recurring question if someone might post a sticky thread with suggestions on UVB light placement. Something like:

With a Zoomed 5.0 it is recommended to place it X" above the screen cage and X" above a dark meshed reptarium.

And then repeat with other lighting types and brands (10.0, 8.0, etc...):confused:


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May also want to mention (if it's not already) that any heating element or light bulb
should NOT be placed directly above any perch as it will result in disfiguring burns,
especially in veiled chameleons.
Best to have them shifted so that the light comes at a 45 degree angle to the reptile's perch.
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Bringing this up again since this is such a hot topic...

Could long term keepers possibly post some suggestions for bulb/fixture placement above the different cage types(sizes, screen type/color)?

This could maybe save many novice keepers from burns and eye issues.
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