UVB and Grow Light in one! The answer for a great light!

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The light most popular for Cham set ups is back in stock!

LightYourReptiles.com is pleased to say there is once again 24" double bulb fixtures with 6% Arcadia bulb and the special 6.5K Super Day-light plant bulb are here and ready to go.

There is nothing else like them.

And the Arcadia Bulbs last at least a year, so stop wasting money replacing those low quality bulbs every 6 months!

These Tropic Blaze™ fixtures work great on 24 x 24 x 36/48" cages.

HO t5 = High Out-put Bulbs!


Imported from England exclusively by LightYourReptiles.com for the North American Market.

Larger size fixtures up to 6 feet and 8 bulbs are available for reptile rooms and Zoos,
please e/m for custom quotes..

They are all on all on sale now, no coupon codes or gimmicks!:)

The 24" as well as all other sizes come with your choice:

1 Arcadia 6% and one 6.5k Full spectrum Daylight (Plant)

1 Arcadia 12% and one 6.5k Full spectrum Daylight (Plant)

2 Arcadia 6%

2 Arcadia 12%

Questions about what is right for you?
Please fee to e-mail the dimensions (and pictures ig you got 'em) of your set up to LightYourReptiles@yahoo.com and we can advise you..... based on 36 years experience in lighting reptiles .

Thank you!

Arcadia HO t5 Bulbs
Quad fixtures and 6 bulb units available for large set ups and Zoos ... feel free to e-mail


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