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im after a male ambilobe and it looks like ill finally have one in august. the only thing im unsure about is the amount of uv light needed. supposing it never gets outside (im paranoid about cats and birds) would 12hrs a day from a zoomed 5.0 be enough? the cham will be 4 months old by then.
12 hours a day from a Zoomed 5.0 bulb is fine - many keepers successfully raise chams this way.
But you will have to provide additional vitamin D3 supplementation from time to time, since a UVB bulb is never a completely adequate substitute for unfiltered sunlight. My vet constantly reminds me of the benefits of giving reptiles natural sunshine.

I have the same concerns about cats and birds as you (I live in a townhouse complex - so plenty of cats roaming around - and there is a wild bird sanctuary nearby that has predatory birds), and I solved that problem by building a sturdy outdoor cage that I transfer a cham to on weekends to get some sunshine. And if space is an issue, the outdoor enclosure doesn't have to be as large as the full-time indoor enclosure since it is only a temporary spot (the chams don't have to sleep in it either). Even a balcony would be big enough for a sun-cage...
A zoomed 5.0 for 12 hours is good. Be sure the cham can get under the light at a distance of 6" - 8" away. The intensity of these bulbs diminshes with distance. THey also diminish with time so be sure to replace the bulb every 6 to 9 months.

Also , consider placing the light at one end of the cage, so that the cham can "escape" the UVB when it prefers to avoid it. Chams will regulate their own exposure , as needed for D3 synthesis allowing calcium absorption, by seeking out or avoiding direct UVB exposure.

Also, be sure that the UVB source is not shining through any glass or plastic cage top or light fixture lens, as this will filter out the UVB.

And, be careful to NOT overdose your cham with supplements, especially D3.
Check other threads for recommended supplementation schedules. Personally, I dust with calcium/D3 twice a week. Calcium without D3 all other day. And I dust with Herptivite and MinerallO twice a month.
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