Using Only Bamboo Dowels to contruct an enclosure

Hi everyone,

I recently rebuild the enclosure for my cham. I used all bamboo dowels and no natural branches at all. I also used some of those jungle vines for him to travel 360 around his home. I have had a really bad experience with natural branches as they always create mold and it makes it really inconvenient to switch them out when the enclosure is already constructed. Due to this, as stated above, I only used bamboo dowels as they don't really grow mold . I have them going all around the cage: vertically, horizontally, and at angles as well. My main question is if it is healthy for him to just have bamboo dowels in his cage or does he need natural branches as well for thinker diameters to work out his feet? I just want to make sure i'm doing this right. thank you. Oh and I also want to mention that I have two large pothos plants with a lot of vines that have been growing over a year now, and 3 other medium plants. Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
If you dry natural stuff properly before use and peel it when needed, it won't cause problems.

I'm no fan of bamboo, it's generally slippery and generally the same size. It also has the most wicked splinters where you cut it if not very careful.If you want to do something like that, you can use different sizes of OAK dowels. Not the cheapest but way better than bamboo.
Size and texture variation is very important for chameleon feet and leg muscle health! O, and by the way, bamboo is natural! Lol. If you use some realy course sandpaper on the bamboo, sanding in a linear fashion allong the length of the bamboo it will make it much easier for the chameleon to hold on to the bamboo!
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