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I think my guy may have a uri. This morning a bubble came out of his nose and he has some in his mouth. Is there anyway to help naturally or pick up baytril without paying the vet fee
You can read up on Rept-Aid and see if that is possibly a product you would like to use. With bubbles being present I would assume you should just take him to the vet and see what he/she has to say about it.
It's weird how he had it this morning and later today I noticed it was gone.. does this make any sense that there is nothing present in his mouth? Could it be something else
I also feel that there maybe a possibility my cham may be developing a RI. When I had feed him I hear him inhale and it sounds raspy and somewhat phlegmmy . I have never seen any bubbles or anything like you are dealing with, he just sounds slightly congested.

I ordered my cham from Chams Northwest and also bought a bottle of Rept-Aid. As of today I am on day 3 of the 22 day regiment. I have yet to find some solid factual info regarding Rept-Aid in the treatment of an RI, weather or not it is capable of completely eliminating the infection or more of an organic placebo. There have been a few posts I remember of forum members using Rept-Aid as a booster but unless you take your cham to a vet for diagnosis you can never really tell if A.) Your chameleon does indeed have a RI. or B.) A dosing regiment of Rept-Aid is called for.

Using it as a booster 2-3 times a month for a healthy cham is way different than the 22 day plan laid out in the instructions, but hey. It still is way better for the chams system than some Baytril
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