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I have a 2 year old femaile veiled chameleon,who just went to the vet for an URI. I went out of town and her automatic waterer malfunctioned and released way too much water.Hense the uri. they gave me the basic treatment baytril, and with out my approval they gave her 10 ml of ringers. She WAS NOT DEHYDRATED when she went in. The vet said it would help distribute the antibiotics. Now she has severe gular edema. The edema appeared suddenly and was not present prior to the vet visit. The antibiotics Are working and the symptoms of the URI have all but dissappeared. The Edema however is a different story. She is eating and drinking normally, but the edema is hendering her movement. Went back to the same vet yesterday and the vet said that she didn't know what was wrong because every chameleon that she had seen with that edema was dying and not having the quality of life that mine is currently experienceing. When I raised the question about too much fluids the vet was defensive and didn't want to hear that Maybe i know more about what my chamleon's water intake is than she does. She said that 10 ml should be her daily water intake. She has never drank that much in a day. She is supplemented very spairingly and never with preformed vitamin A. Could this be too much fluid and will work it's self out Or should i be conserned. Any help and info would be much appreciated.

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My gut feeling is that since it is assumed that the edema was brought on by the injection of fluids rather than the unhealthy build-up of fluids from an illness etc. then the artificial edema will harmlessly dissipate over time. I think that there isn't much to do other than waiting it out.
Thanks very much for the post. What is the standard treatment for edema incase this doesn't harmlessly dissapate, Just incase I have to tell the vet what to do. Thanks again for your time.

Here's some info on lactated ringer's solution...

I don't think there is a standard treatment for edema....it will depend on what caused the edema in the first place.
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