Little De Death

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so i lost my cham dont hate me but i had him on my shoulder its a panther I think 3 months idk so hes lost do they typically go high up or to heat sorces hes been lost for 6 hours now


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High up, like curtains or house plants.... they like heat sources, so tv cords and such. Mine favor the house plants though. Be careful where you step. I also had this scare the other day, but mines a bit older and she was in the dirt in her lay bin.


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Turn off all of the lights (make sure to step super carefully) and then try to find him with a flashlight. Not sure what color he is and doubt he’d pop out like a veiled, but the dark should put him into sleep mode and prevent him from traveling farther.


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And for the 5th time, you have a very sick ADULT FEMALE VEILED chameleon in desperate need of a vet, not a 3 month old panther. Get it together.
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