Upside down?!


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Maul has been hanging upside down for a couple of hours now, ever since I let him back in his cage after spending a few hours outside in the sun. Just seems so odd to hang like that for such a long time!

whyever he is doing it...who knows, but omg he is sure gorgeous!!! Take some pics of him right side up!!! Does he show those colors often???
They are his resting colors (I think). That's how I find him most of the time. If he sees me, he darkens up so to snap these photos, I have to be quick before he changes.
Can you post a picture like with flash showing all his colors? I want it on my backroundd. Lol

The first was taken with my iPhone's HDR feature. This one is with the flash. Not sure how much of a difference it is. He moved now and is darker. I will try to get some good ones.

let me know man, i have never really liked panthers always been a big veiled fan, but i would love to have one with those colors, just wow.
You are all too kind with your compliments. Now I feel like I'm obligated to pass on the bloodline. Give my female 6-8 months and perhaps I will be ready to make a decision on breeding.
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