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well im almost done and just about ready to receive my new male baby veiled chameleon. i finished the drainage system, and will be receiving my mist system from pro mist later this week, hopefully. i also put aquarium sealant in and along the crakes so that i wont have water everywhere. i also added a small ficus and pothos plant inside the set up. here are some before and after pictures of the cages, i would really like some feedback, positive or negative would be appreciated and tell me what yall think


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Sealing the enclosure bottom to make sure that water doesn't go in the wrong directions should be effective. Many of us then drill small holes in the bottom at various places to let the water drain to either a catch pan/tank setup or directly to a catch tank. This way you'll be able to have an automated mist system running for 15-20 minutes twice a day without having pints of water collecting on the enclosure floor.
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