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Some recent updates and additions:

1.) Changed the default style.

2.) Fixed bugs in main navigation bar

3.) Added an awards system. Previous contest winners should notice medals in their profile and under their name in forum posts. The awards feature is still being worked on, but you can directly access the page here: awards. This award feature will be used for more than just contest winners in the near future. If you are a talented digital artist, I could use some high quality medals that more 'chameleon'.

4.) Finally updated the contest rules

5.) I have seen a few people enter the chat room, but there was nothing going on so they left. I will try and organize something in the near future. If you are looking to chat, stay a while; someone will visit soon.
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I updated the forum software and fixed a few minor bugs. If you discover any problems, please let me know.
gallery links

Added 'my gallery' links in three areas:
  • postbit - Each forum post contains a brief summary of who posted the message. Click on the username within this summary to get a link to their gallery.
  • profile - There is now a link to the user's gallery within their profile.
  • gallery nav - When in the gallery, click on 'My Stuff' to get a link to your gallery.
gallery faq

Added a Gallery FAQ (frequently asked questions)
You can access the faq here: FAQ. I still need to go through it and make some additions and improvements.

Removed 'clean' style
The 'clean' style was a static 800 pixel width style. The different page layout used in this style compared to other styles proved too much of a hassle and made updates twice as long for me to complete. I hope no one will be too upset by the change. It actually happened over a week ago and I have not received any complaints. The 'clean+' and 'classic' styles will continue and are being improved.

I have completed a lot of 'behind the scene' updates over the past week. If you encounter any problems, please let me know.
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