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  1. amanda509

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    well, lastnight my cat started to eat some wet food and didnt puke it up, he also snacked on his dry food throughout the night and didnt dry heave once, like he did friday and saturday nights. he is alot more energetic now. brought hi to the vet and the vet said with his significant weight/muscle loss in such a sort amount of time, there is deff something wrong. they did a blood test but it came back perfect. ruled out cancer, kidney problems, thyroid, and diabetes. the vet is still puzzled about the weight loss, but as long as he gains a little bit before his next vet visit next week, all will be well :)
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    I am so glad to hear he is feeling better and eating some. Yes this is still concerning like your vet said. So just keep monitoring him and let us know how things go. I will continue pulling that your kitting will continue to improve and get all his strength back. :)
  3. amanda509

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    heres some pics, 1st one was about 2 months ago, 2nd was taken yesterday after he perked up a bit. may be hard to tell the weight loss, but he was pretty husky before, but now you can feel every vertebrae in his back, which the vet said was muscle deterioration from whatever was wrong with him.

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    wow i can def tell the amount of weight he has lost. they dont know whats wrong with him? did they test him for parasites and etc?
  5. amanda509

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    they did a basic blood test of blood cell count, kidney functions, insulin, etc. and it came back perfect :/ he said if something else was bothering him, other than three he thought it was, kidney disease, diabetes, and thyroid disease, something would have came back a little odd...but it was a picture perfect blood test..mom and i came to the conclusion he may have eaten something that was poisoned and metabolized it, vet said it was unlikely, but still a possibility.

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