update on a few of my guys


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My oustalets, Riker and Bluebell. As far as I'm aware, they're brother and sister. Riker is 550g & Bluebell is 160g!


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Neelix and Charlie


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Alfie and Boo


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Boo, Alfie and my bearded pygmy when he amazed me by escaping (how he escaped is still something of a mystery)


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Very pretty kids! That oustaleti looks awesome!

Thank you! Riker sustained a burn a few months ago, which was my fault :( but he has doubled in size since it occurred & the area is healing very nicely. Him & Bluebell eat me out of house & home! I held Riker today to wipe some stuck shed off him & he left some impressive puncture wounds on my arm, he is a gentle giant though. It's hard to believe Bluebell is even the same species, let alone his sister.
Awesome collection! Love the oustalets, I have only seen one in captivity in Canada in 5 years of keeping reptiles, very interesting species.
You've got quite the collection. I didn't realize you had so many chams. :) Everyone's looking great. Riker sure is allot bigger than Bluebell. Needle and Charlie are both beautiful and so is Alfie, Boo and your little Pygmy.
thank you :) I weighed Bluebell yesterday and she's nearly 200g now. The reptile shop weren't feeding her very often and she was only getting locusts. I've been giving her more of a mix so she's doing some growing now.

It's a shame I can't confirm if my oustalets are related or not, as I'd love to breed them. They came in as a pair so likely came from the clutch. I'll have find Bluebell a boyfriend.
Your carpet is stunning. What are they like to look after?

thanks :). They're pretty easy, they only need a small set-up. Boo is full-grown and only 20g. He's in pretty much the same set up as my other chams but smaller, same supplement schedule too. He likes his basking spot hot (90-92F). He eats medium-standard crickets and small silkworms, occasionally small locusts and curly wing flies. he won't eat if I offer food everyday. He was very feisty but he's calmed down in the past month. I don't handle him very often though, he prefers to sit in his viv and look pretty lol
He's stunning and I've wanted one since I first thought about getting one. I had an elliots but he got poorly and didn't make it but I have 2 veileds. What's their humidity like?
he likes it fairly humid but I'll admit I don't have a hygometer in there at the moment. He is misted for 90 seconds 4 times daily.
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