UPDATE: Lombardi the Male Veiled!


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Wow he is stunning likes gaping for pics too they make great pics

I haven't really been around much...but between moving and work I found a couple mins today casue I realized it was time for another update on Lombardi...I believe he is approaching 5 months old and well I figured it would be a good idea to make a thread that I can continue to add these updates too. But before we look at the man today... We must first reminisce of the days that brought us here... Some of the classics.

Then a couple months later....

And Now Today...
Notice the white on his head when he is at rest... It is always there until he fires up. Sorry for the blurry shots... He does not coorperate like the panthers I am used to taking pics of.

Thanks For looking.... I have some video of him munching down a Dubia... that I am just waiting on to upload then I will post it here.



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It always makes me laugh to see the veileds strike a pose for the camera, holding their tails high and coiled. They look so proud!
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