Update for robmd1

Killer Chams

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Faly Update for robmd1

update on Vanilla Ice (kush/triton faly)

aslo a bokazar boy that i picked up off reptileman

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Wow, they're both gorgeous. I could hardly tell the difference between the two because they're both such a beautiful bright blue.
If it weren't for their turrets I might have overlooked their differences and thought them to be the same chameleon! That is crazy! Really stunning pair you have.


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lol nm my other post on the other thread i knew i could spot one i raised!!!
Im really missing that faly boy theres a few i really miss...
Thanks for posting update pics i always look forward to seein pics of babies ive raised..
all of your chams look great, great job with them..


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Very beautiful! They do look alike!! Haha love the name! Is he named after Vanilla Ice the person? The real Vanilla Ice lives in the neighborhood next to mine He hangs out at our little parking lot hot rod shows locally. He is really a nice guy and knows how to pimp his rides out!!!. Every time I see him, I am always tempted to go ..dun dun dun dun dun dah dah(from the song that made him famous) but I don't have the nerve!!! lol
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