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Hey guys! I’m not around here as much anymore because my schedule suddenly got very busy and it’s demanding a lot from me!

Update: My baby is doing great, although I feel like he’s a little small for his age. He’s about to be a year and looks nothing close to the adults I’ve seen in other stores and expos. Attaching a pic of him on my shoulder to see what you guys have to say about it.

Other than that he’s a happy and very social little boy. I open his cage every morning and sit outside with him to drink my coffee while he roams around. Today he was doing that little walking dance and it made me ask myself what exactly triggers that behavior. I understand that they move to blend in with moving leaves and branches but is there an environmental or psychological factor that makes this happen?

Just curious :)



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Glad things are going well for you. I wondered where you went.
He's just not done growing yet. I'll let the serious panther people confirm that for you. Welcome back.


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wow he looks gorgeous, even though he's a year old hes definetly still gonna grow, they get pretty big, I'm not an expert so let someone else confirm that but that's just my two cents on his size but he really is a gorgeous chameleon


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Wax worms are great for fattening up your cham, but it looks like just the angle of the picture and the position of the cham that makes him look small to me
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