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So had a few days away with work, came back to good news that she’s eating everyday, although not a lot it’s better than nothing and the vet is happy with that as long as her calcium and multivitamins with whatever she’s eating.
She’s popping and weeing, her wee is white, not showing signs of being dehydrated so I am really happy with her at the moment.

A little concerned, she’s still not layed. However today I caught her walking in her lay bin.. haven’t checked or bothered her today, didn’t want to disturb her… she’s still so thin it’s so weird lol.

Been trying for a week to get in touch with the vet as I had a few questions about costings for bloods, surgery if needed and another parasite test… heard nothing back, been put on hold so many times and emails have been ignored. They’re closed over the festive period so if she needs surgery I’m honestly stumped because that’s the only emergency vet near us too which some how won’t be open.

Everyone keep your fingers crossed for her please lol, I’m so lost 🥲 for now, have a couple photos of Pascal from last night before her bedtime ❤️🎄

* forgot to mention, our vets in the UK work differently to others in Europe/ US ect … they only see you if you’re in their catchment area… If that makes sense and we are limited on experienced exotic/ reptile vets

Point being around the 30th is when P needs to be brought in to be checked / possibly operated on and they’re not going to be open
She looks beautiful and still has the teal colors. How did the web cam work for you? My fingers are crossed
I was worried her eyes were sunken since a photo my mum sent made them look quite dark and dull but the photos about e are mine from yesteday and I think they look good! And every time I looked I couldn’t see her haha so I’m guessing she was scouting the bottom of her enclosure!
And Thankyou x
Hey pascal finished reading thru all of your threads. This pic of p she looks bigger then the previous. Has she laid eggs yet? Hope all is well for you and your girl! My panther laid her first eggs on the floor of the cage and not the laybin. Was told some females think the floor is the forest floor and wont use a laybin. So i modified the entire setup and added a 20" base and made the whole floor a laybin of 50/50 sand and soil planted the plants and everything. Its working great. Pkease let us know if all is well
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