UK gutload problem


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huey guy,
does anyone know where i can get some gutload food for locust in the UK for my chameleon? I cant find any anywhere!

Yea thats what i've been doing, What is the best selection of natural foods to feed locust. for a panther chameleon??
I've never raised locusts....but they are crop-eaters in the wild generally so I guess they might eat a variety of greens and veggies. Anyone else have a list?

Here's a little that I found on the net...

"Most species of locust feed mainly on gramineous plants (plants belonging to the grass family). The Australian plague locust in particular prefers to feed on grasses and/or cereal crops such as wheat. However, they will eat a wide range of plants including grapevines and trees, especially when there is very little green grass available."
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