Typical Vet Costs by Country


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As the subject line says I am curious what the typical vet costs for chameleon treatment are in other countries.

I took one of my panthers to a local vet in Seoul, Korea yesterday as the tip of his tail was recently cut off and the total cost was about ten dollars (12,000 Korean won) which included some antiobiotic ointment. Was very surprised at how inexpensive it was. A friend who recommended the vet said he paid about 30,000 KRW (around 25 dollars) when he took his chameleon in for an upper respiratory infection. Obviously if x-rays, blood work or other exams are required the cost should go up significantly.


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Exam cost alone is ~$75 CAD here, fecal about $30 on top of that. Radiographs (1-2 view) plus bloodwork would end up costing about $500 with the exam, and then there's the cost of medicine. Racks up quickly!


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In Pennsylvania USA, my wellness checkup was $40 and fecal was $12.

But even in the states it depends on where you are located as to what you are going to pay.


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WOW that's cheap!! Here in the states, in Alabama, my initial exam was $150 and the fecal was $15, of course there is only one exotic/reptile vet within a 2 hour radius of where I live.


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Can this comparison even be made fairly? How much quality care do you get for your money in some of these less developed countries?

I’d expect most first world countries would be in the same ballpark but I’d really like to see the prices in others!

Just a thought....


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Price is also affected by price of labor for staffing and rent/property values. Overhead in practice affects the prices more than the cost of medicines or level of expertise but board certified veterinarians (specializing in surgery, medicine etc) spend more on their training and have student loans etc to pay off.


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I paid about $45 for initial exam - vet held my cham up, looked at her and that was all. Standard 15 minute visit. Fecal was around $30.
Skilled chameleon vet who does only house calls reviewed all husbandry, very thorough exam and lots of education was $150. Visit was about 1 1/2 hours.
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