Types of Mulberry for Silkworms


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Starting a nice silkworm breeding project and I was wondering if anybody has done any experiments with white mulberry leaves vs. red mulberry leaves. Do the plants leaves have different chemicals in them or nutrients? I am going to feed them mainly chow but my neighbor has a huge red mulberry tree which I have already started my own from and I would love to be able to feed them for free, or possibly create my own chow.

Thanks guys! The only reason I ask is because I cannot seem to find anywhere that carries a white mulberry tree for sale in south Florida.
I fed young dandelion leaf pieces to silkworms from 1 week to full grown.

I found that at least 50% of their diet should be mulberry based.

Those I tried to raise entirely on dandelion didnt fair as well as those that got either all mulberry or a combo of 50% or more mulberry (or mulberry chow or a combo of fresh mulberry leaves and chow) in their diet, alongside dandelion etc. The ones that got a mixed diet faired just as well as the ones that got 100% mulberry.
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