Two new additions.


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Nice! The snake reminds me of a rough-green snake I kept years ago.. Arboreal? Insectivore? I like the eyes. Cheers!


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I want the frog! Very cute! Almost got one at the Pomona show, but I contained myself. lol.


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the Asian vine snake looks awesome! I heard they are kinda hard to keep. High humidity and running water to drink from?


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Danny do you have a complete zoo going now? i think we need a list of ALL your creatures. Those two new ones look cool.


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Jim- They are highly arboreal and are mostly (i really dont like this part) lizard-eaters. I let him do his own hunting ;).

Samcham- They can be difficult to keep but lately people have been having more success, the key (I've heard) is to keep them on lizards and not try and switch them to pinkies.

Laurie- Just about there lol.

Thanks to everyone else!


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pretty snake...amazons really are a great frog to keep. i have a few that are morphed about the same size as yours at the moment.
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