two month old panthers dailly uvb needs


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well no one has responded to my last post about panther eggs swelling after six months.... Makes me wonder if no one wants to put me up on the info or no one knows.. but I do have another question now that both my partner and I just got some two month old panther chameleons(1each) and we have both raised our current chameleons from around the age of around three months, and they're both over a year old now. but we're now wondering about our new babies and just how long we should be putting the uvb lights on them. all feed back will be greatly appreciated In advance....


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Lights should be on scheduled to match actual daylight. "UV lights" should be of 6% variety and not those for desert reptiles.
Best overall advice is to study their home range environment and try to match it as much as possible (easy to do on Google)
Side note: try friendlier tone and you will likely get many more responses here than with hostility.
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