Two headed chameleon baby

Given the recent headlines on two headed animals, thought I'd post this picture.


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Two-headed Chameleons

I am curious.... what would be the value of such a creature... say you birthed... her hatched... her whatever.. a two-headed veiled chameleon?

Any ideas? I am thinking it would be worth a great deal of money to a private collector.. I mean it is not a genetic thing, so it is not like they would be breeding a bunch of hydras.. but it would be an amazing animal to raise up and have as one of your specimens... the gift for the herp collector who has everything... *sigh*
Just thought I should point out to the people who are missing it...that is not a 2 headed chameleon..clever photo tho! Unless that chameleon also has 2 tails and at least 1 extra arm lol
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