Trying to think of a name for my new chameleon...suggestions?


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Hey, I don't know if thats wierd to name them or not...but I name all my pets.:) I love them. Anyways, she's a beautiful flap-necked chameleon.. about a year old...any suggestions?
Watch her personality for a while and then name her or you could make up a name it is always fun. that is what i did with Blynkz.
I've had her for about a month...let's see...ummmm....she loves mealworms, she stays that mint chocolate chip spotted color when she's just chillin, as soon as she gets out of her cage, she likes to run all over the place and sometimes she will curl up in my hair and she's not doing anything too exciting so far. I'll keep watching though. Thanks! :D
You could call her minty mealworm.!!! Or there is always chocolate chip or something like lime or any other green fruit.!!!! about Artemis? I was just reading up on Greek Gods for a research paper for school and I think that is the coolest name! ....Artemis..... it's just got a nice ring to it.. it doesn't really match her well though. Haha But you have to admit, Artemis sounds pretty cool.:D
Ya it does you could name her Athena or Echo I like those names I think they are greek.... or maybe they are roman I cant remember.
Off topic...but have you provided her with a proper place to dig in case she needs to lay eggs?

How about naming her an African name like....
Dembe ... DEHM-beh ... ugandan for "peace"
Keisha ... KEE-shuh ... african for "favorite"
Raziya ... rah-ZEE-yah ... african for "agreeable"
Safiya ... sah-FEE-yah ... african for "pure"
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