True Blue Nosy Be Males 10

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I have 2 sub-adult male true blue Nosy Be males for sale. I actually want to sale just one, I like them both and will keep the one that does not sale. They are from a great blood line (Super Blue, Chameleon Paradise) is the grandfather and I have attached a photo of dad (my retired breeder). I am asking 450 shipped for either male. These are both close if not ready to breed. I have not shown them a female yet but they are about 7-8" svl. They are pics 1 and 2. Dad is pic 4.

The 3rd photo is a 6-7 month old male that is showing exceptional color. The lineage is the same as the others. I am asking 375 shipped for him.

Need these to go as soon as possible. I will be out of town after the 28th for a few weeks. Reasonable offers will be considered.
All of these guys are eating dubias, crickets, and superworms, in that order. Shipping only in the lower 48. Paypal accepted, buyer covers any fees.
thanks for looking.


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Price drop

Before I post on Fauna or kingsnake I would like to offer these to you all at a discounted price. I will take 300 for the larger males and 250 for the smaller male. I have a few adult and sub adult females that I would be willing to package with these males if interested. I need to ship this week if you are interested. Give me a call if you would be interested in working out a deal.
615-eight-one-two-2-6 four-one.

shipping would not be included with these.
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