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Discussion in 'Market Archive' started by FalyBreeder, Apr 17, 2013.

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    We've decided to let go of our beautiful true blue (almost cobalt blue in color generally) male Nosy Be. We'd got him at 3months old with every intention of building a breeding project around him but decided to go a different direction and not breed Nosy Bes at all.

    He is almost a year old captive born/raised from amazing wild caught parents from a private importer/breeder friend of ours (I don't personally trust commercial/company breeders). He is a young and in perfect health. He eats great on horn worms, silk worms, wax worms, supers dubia roaches, and crickets, shed great, and is very well hydrated! This guy would be a beautiful addition to any breeding program or an amazing pet.

    Will trade or possibly sell to experienced chameleon owners!

    Possible trades: select 1.2 (1male, 2females) trios of other types of chameleons (captive born or wild caught).

    May also be interested in breeding groups of leopard, African fat tail, or crested gecko morphs, Chinese cave geckos, and leachianus geckos, also VERY interested in gila with cbb paperwork (yes we do have experience), sailfin dragons, high end ball or blood python morphs, emerald tree boas, green tree pythons, Amazon tree boas, may also be interested in other UNIQUE herps. (Trades must be of equal or greater value!). Just let us know what you have. The worst we can say is we're not interested...

    Will send pics through text. Sorry for the inconvenience. My computer is down and I'm having to post from my phone so don't know how to add pics this way.

    Serious enquirees only!
    Call or text 4173812223 anytime. If you don't get an answer, I'm probably at work or busy so leave me a voicemail and I'll call you back asap! Pm's will work also.

    Cash payments accepted via Paypal for the most part but will discuss other payment arrangements if needed. No matter the payment type I will not ship until payment has been verified and money is in my possession (too many scams going around to just accept email verifications)

    We only ship inside the continental US via fed ex overnight

    Thank you for looking and we hope to hear from you soon.
  2. FalyBreeder

    FalyBreeder New Member

    Still available.
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