Trouble dusting


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I have had my translucent veiled chameleon for almost a week now. He is a male around 4 months old. I am having trouble getting him to eat the baby crickets I dust because they die from the dust before he gets to eat them. Please help I wanna make Mojo a big strong healthy happy chameleon :) Thanks!
I do I dust them then I immediately put the crickets into his food bowl. When they have dust on them he won't go fir them and they die. If they don't have dust he goes right to his perch and snipes them. So I'm not sure I'm only a rookie.
You may be dusting them too heavily. Too much dust will clog the spicules that they breath from so the crickets die quickly. You do not want to turn the crickets white when you dust, just a light coating so they are just a tad lighter brown than they used to be. That will probably be more encouraging for your cham as well if they aren't little cricket ghosts running around! So just a very light dusting is sufficient.
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