Trioceros q. quadricornis

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After several years keeping and breeding chameleons I am forced to part ways with my beautiful T. quadricornis. I have 2.1 Trioceros q. quadricornis available for sale. All of them have been in my possession for about 3 years; the males are LTC, the female is CBB and has never been mated. They are wonderful, healthy animals. The males were dewormed upon import and have been doing well since. They eat well and have never had health issues while in my care. I have posted some (pretty bad) pictures of all of them – they hate being photographed, and are much better looking than shown in my photos. Some information on each of them:

Male 1 - I bought him as a fresh import about 3 years ago; considering the fact he has grown in size quite a bit while in my care, I assume he was a juvenile when imported. Note that his horns are "stubby", probably because damaged (nose rub) during transportation to the US. He is quite large and healthy. He favors browns and greens.

Male 2 - He has been in my care for 2 1/2 years; I bought him from another forum member who imported him directly from Cameroon. He is a beautiful animal, always displaying bright colors, favoring a lighter color palette including striking white-light blues bands.

Female - I purchased her about 3 years ago from another forum member, she is CBB, and came to me with a clean bill of health when she was just a few months old. She is beautiful but VERY shy and favors a darker color palette. I wanted to mate her with Male 1, but first I waited her to mature and when I felt she was finally ready I decided to leave the hobby.

Ideally, I would like them to go to expert keepers who will include them in a breeding program to promote their diffusion in the US. Any seriously interested keepers, please pm me with any questions.

I am asking $300 for the males and $350 for the females; I am open to negotiating the price if someone is interested in purchasing more than one. Will also consider any offers from serious people who currently keep quads and are familiar with their specific requirements. I am located in Columbus, OH – if you are local and interested, I would be happy to show you the animals before you make a decision.

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