Treated tap water?


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Sorry, yet ANOTHER dumb question. I just want to be prepared for the chameleon haha. Anyways, would tap water straight from the kitchen sink treated with ReptiSafe be okay for a veiled chameleon to drink/be misted with?


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I have always used tap water and have never used reptisafe, just the water straight out of the tap. I imagine it depends on the quality of your water.


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Regular tap water is fine for most of us I beilive. I'm lucky to live in vancouver so I have some really good water. If where you live doesn't have the greatest water you could just let it sit out for a day or 2 just like you would if you were doing a water change for an aquarium.


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This is a question that comes up quite regularly. Just recently, we had a pretty good exchange on tap water treatment methods and common misconceptions that get unknowingly floated about.

Your first step is to educate yourself on exactly what is used in your local tap water and at what levels. If treatment levels are near the max (or exceed!) the allowable EPA limits for drinking water for chlorines, heavy metals, or other potential toxins, you might consider another source for your chams. It all depends.

I use tap water without any issue so far; my local supplier uses low levels of free chlorine and no fluoride. Others swear by Reverse Osmosis systems or distilled water. A little more investment, but you are getting a known product from RO.

Not all bottled water is "pure" either - much of it is simply tap water from somewhere else!
if you are worried you can always buy a water filter and put it on your tap. I have great water in my area and i still do it. Just make sure your waters not to hard because it could make shedding difficult for your cham.
Just go by the rule- if you don't drink your tap, do not give it to your cham.


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i always use reptisafe a drop or two into the mister bottle and a couple into the dropper. better safe than sorry and doesn't require that much extra effort
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