Travel or leave him home for 4 days?


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Hello everyone. I have a male panther chameleon about 5-6 months. My question is simple, I just don’t know what’s better. I am going to go home for holidays. It’s a 2:30 hour drive. But I will likely leave Thursday mid day and come back Sunday mid day. He currently lives in an extra large reptibreeze cage. I do have a medium one that’s fully assembled with branches and plants and stuff. So my questions is, should I drive home with him and have him in that small one? Or is the drive back and forth too stressful? I would have him in a blackout container for the ride correct?

Or, should I just leave him alone from Thursday to Sunday? If I do that I’ll have to get a mistking system to have enough water to last me that long. I just don’t know if the cage will be too dirty by then, or if he will eat all the crickets fast or something. Idk. And will have to leave a lot of them and they will poop like crazy and make a mess right away. I never leave any in there.

And no I don’t have anyone who could come by and check on him.


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Personally if I do not have anyone to check then I do not travel. Too many things can go wrong. Lights go out or power outage. Or you get stuck at home because of a freak storm. This is why you need someone to come in and check. Also 5-6 months is a bit young to me to go 4 days without food.

So if I were you. I would take him with you. Sounds like you have everything set up to travel with him. You can hand mist while home.

Driving back and forth is not stressful when they are in a dark box. All they do is sleep. He may or may not be irritated with the difference in cages though. But IMO it is not enough to cause issues.
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