Transition to Larger Enclosure?


Hello everyone,
I currently have a 4.5 month old male Panther Chameleon. He is about 3.5 inches long, not including his tail. He is currently set up in a 15 gallon enclosure, and is doing well. He eats ~12 1/4" gutloaded crickets and ~4 small Reptiworms daily. He is very active and growing quickly. I have an XL Reptibreeze cage for him, but I fear it will be way too big until he is almost an adult. In the mean time, I went and purchased a 38 gallon Flexarium, and set it up with a drainage system, several horizontal branches and live plants. I have tested it the past few days and can keep the humidity between 40 and 70% (peaking after misting) with a basking temperature of ~83 degrees. I have a feeding cup attached near a branch that the worms cannot get out of. I put him in there yesterday to have a wander, and he seemed to love it.

My question is, do you think he is too young/small to find the crickets in the flexarium? I would rather have him in the flexarium to give him more space but I fear he will not find the crickets. What are your opinions?

I would appreciate any advice you can give! Thanks in advance :)
I'm not familar with the flexarium, but make sure the material/netting is cricket proof. Crickets can chew through some plastics. I had this problem years ago with the Reptarium brand.


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I think he should be fine in the flexarium. If you are worried about him finding food, you can always make a feeding cup of sorts and feed the crickets from that. Most will stay in it and be free game for your little guy. I use Sunny D bottles for my feeders. I prefer that my chams be used to cup feeding, though I don't cup feed most of the time. You should be able to move him into the XL Reptibreeze by the time he is 6-8 months. You will be amazed how much real estate these little guys will cover.


Thank you for your input!
Also, I did some reading about the crickets and apparently they can chew through the mesh, but it's pretty uncommon.
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