Transclucent veiled chameleons ( Canada)

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Don't miss out on these rare little cuties. We have some very cute and healthy 8 week old translucent veilds for sale. These are very light in colour with clear feet, some have tails and a few transclucent spots on their bodies. They will start getting their mature colours at about 6 months. Males are quite big and carry alot of different colours and females are smaller with also alot of colours and don't require such a big adult cage as males. Males are $200 and Females are $150.If you live in Calgary, we are also selling fully set up hard mesh cages with accesories for $220. These come with: live plant, large fixture with UVB bulb, small fixture with heat bulb, calcium and vitamin dust, spray bottle, crickets and worms to last for a few weeks. If you purchase the set up, you wll get a warranty on the chameleon as well as 10% off the final cost. These are very important as chameleons require a very specif environment and giving them good start is crucial. We can ship just the chameleon as well as a variety of bugs to last a month or so with reptile express. For more information please email us [email protected]. Thanks


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