Total Revamp


Me again.

After losing my 'ol timer Ziggy I have an extra large mesh vivarium that was the grumpy gits home for all the years we where together. Going to give it a total overhaul once I get over the loss of the big guy with new plants, thermometers/hygrometers and so on as Zak will eventually move in. Going to redo all the vines as the wee guy is a bit smaller so wouldn't be able to grip the thicker vines.

Going to update a lot of Zak's current vivarium as well as I hope to get another wee green dude once I let Ziggy go so he can dance over the Rainbow Bridge.

Where's the best position for a digital hygrometer folks? Want to make sure the new digs for Zak's upcoming move (in about 2mths when he's a bit bigger) are spot on and also need to upgrade his current setup.

Any pointers will be appreciated.


middle height in back of cage.
Thanks for that. Just waiting for all the new bits 'n' bobs to arrive.

Will need to take some of the plants out of Zak's vivarium (put the ones from Ziggy's in there after he was gone and I switched off the mister to his old viv). Bit of overkill TBH so need to take a couple out so the wee dude doesn't think he's in Jurassic Park and I'll hand water those I take out in the meantime. I know he's in there somewhere.

Klyde O'Scope

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I'd leave the plants in, but that's me. Half the fun of having a baby (3 mo.) was trying to find him in a 48 x 24 x 48H enclosure filled with foliage! 😁


Cheers Klyde

I've taken 2 of the bigger plants out and one of the smaller ones as it was just too much honestly. Would have been a nightmare cleaning the wee guys viv out and it was hard enough taking those three out (not one of my better ideas) there are still enough plants (7 various types and sizes) left in there to help with humidity and so forth.

Still can't find the little sod and you just know he's sticking his tongue out and going "Nah Nah Na Nah Nah - you can't see me big pink creature" at me.

Think I'll get a goldfish.
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