too much light?


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:confused:I just wired up 2 fixtures, both t5ho(high output) 48" 54W. Lumen output with standard bulbs is rated at 8,900 lumens per fixture. With the lamps I am using this number is probably greater, although I am uncertain of the dispersion rate and have no idea of how many are lost passing through the screen and canopy of the enclosure.

In one fixture there is one 10000k flora*sun and one 5000k coral*sun both t5ho 54W.

In the second there is one 5400k plant max and one 6000k plant max both regular 54WT5 being driven by an ho ballast.

Is this entirely too much light?
I have attached pictures of the lamps relative color for a better idea of what the ratings look like

I'm still wating on the uvb bulbs to get here so in the mean time I am still using a 26W uvb lamp in the area that bobby sue likes to bask.

The plant area serves as a free range while I a home and I might add that she looks pretty boss in the blue pink spectrum of light, really illuminates the color pigments in her skin. I will post pics of her soon, waiting for her to get done shedding.

The heat from these lamps is minimal, Im not attaching a pic but the thermom near the cactus on top has been sitting at 82ºF all day, relative humidit is up as well, no less than 40%. Th

The fixtures were on sale for 70$ for the two of them, bulb for 7$ a piece. Lowes is laaaawsome


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