Too Much Humidity?


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So, I thought it was too low, but after switching over to digital monitoring I found out that it's high.

The rh in the weather has been extremely high here the past few days, and right now I'm getting spikes of 90, and lows of 70. I have a fan on the fully screened cage, and it's located in between two windows. I've stopped all misting, only leaving a dripper so he can drink.

I'd like to get it down to 30 - 40, with spikes of 50-60. Any suggestions?
What brand and model do you use?

Its best to find out the accuracy of one before you purchase it. Many will not even list the humidity accuracy which you want to stay away from. That usually means the accuracy is greater than +/-22%
I have a veiled.

I bought the digital temp/humidity reader at Petsmart, it's brand is All Living Things.


The humidity outside right now is 86% where I live, so I have an oscillating fan going about 5 feet away from the cage. I don't have AC in my house, but there's always a breeze coming through. I'm thinking about getting a space heater to run in the room (not right near the cage) just to dry things up a bit in the room. I always read that a fluctuation is good, but he hasn't had much of one in the last week (it's been so humid out!), and these levels are too high, especially as constant as they have been.

Yesterday I was able to get it down to 57% for a short while. And after moving the probe around the cage, I noticed that there was some variation, but not too much.
By the way, I have the temp probe next to the basking spot, the humidity probe is near the middle of the cage behind the large pothos we have.


This is an older pic, (the lighting is all different now), but this is an idea of what it looks like in there now.
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